composer  musician  producer

sound designer   product designer

2024    hamburg - interpreter of sternklang (k. stockhausen)

2022    dadamenta weimar - fu acune - orakel

2022    sprengel museum - fu acune - breathe in_out - sound installation


2021    universidad nacional autónoma de méxico - la libertad fantasma -

            fu acune - movie trailer music

2021    music video natascha nikeprelevic - base note

2020    fermate - fu acune - wdr3 open sound

2020    atem.puls - fu acune - wdr3 open sound

2019    festival ensems - valencia - fu acune - orakel

2019    cologne university - fu acune - performance - orakel

2018    italy - foundation of ‚sounding‘ int. performing arts space - w/ natascha nikeprelevic

2016    wdr3 radio - interview fu acune about phonemonal

2016    sound effects - pop music and its sound-culture - contribution - deutschlandfunk 

2016    phonemonal - wdr radio - studio akustische kunst - composition

2015    fu acune - klangbrücke aachen - performance

2015    fu acune - mhmmhm - online release video clip

2015    f.x.randomiz - stockhausen, push and the cybernetic code - ableton feature

2014    fu acune - mhmmhm | auwowau | eppeppep - online release audio

2014    mouse on mars & f.x.randomiz - fromm - collaboration track f/ album 21again

2014    fu acune - hau2 berlin - mom21again festival - concert

2014    the allophons - hau2 berlin - mom21again festival - live pa

2014    expo for 3 by karlheinz stockhausen - stockhausen verlag - album

            interpretation w/ michael vetter & natascha nikeprelevic

2014    bass jog - remix for kevin blechdom & hamdi makhlouf - digital release

2014    the allophons - remix for kevin blechdom & hamdi makhlouf - digital release

2013    fu acune - kölner musiknacht - concert

2013    natascha nikeprelevic w/ f.x.randomiz - strom festival cologne - performance 

2013    fu acune - strom festival cologne - concert  

2013    stockhausen days kuerten - expo for 3 by karlheinz stockhausen - premiere concert

            w/ natascha nikeprelevic & michael vetter

2013    deutschland in kleinanzeigen - music f/ online project

            deutschland in kleinanzeigen - music f/ radioplay

            award: shortlist prix itala 2014

2013    fu acune - premiere concert

2013    phonemonal - bbk cologne - exhibition & multichannel audio installation

            w/ natascha nikeprelevic

2012    native instruments battery 4 - product design

2012    saddle bomb - the allophons - album

2011    the allophons - classical music recomposed f/ 25th anniversary philharmonie koeln

2011    fu acune w/ natascha nikeprelevic - launch

2010    bachwochen weimar - bach remixed w/ solistenensemble kaleidoskop

2009    hass! mehr hass! - music f/ radioplay - c-schulz & f.x.randomiz

2008    moment, das wird sie interessieren - music f/ radioplay - holosud

            award: deutscher hörspielpreis 2009

            award: ard online award 2009

2007    das ohr am gleis - 5.1 surround - c-schulz & f.x.randomiz - album

2007    la debacle corrente - filmmusic - c-schulz & f.x.randomiz

2006    die neue freundlichkeit - music f/ radioplay - holosud

2006    vorgemischte welt - contribution - book klaus sander / jan st. werner - edition suhrkamp

2006    bass jog w/ dj elephant power - launch

2004    stripped ein leben in kontoauszügen - music f/ radioplay - holosud

            award: hörspielpreis der kriegsblinden 2005

2004    doku/fiction - exhibition mouse on mars - contribution - kunsthalle duesseldorf

2003    the allophons f/ wdr3 open freiraum - 60+ microsampling remix radio shows - 2014

2003    traumzeit - f.x.randomiz vs. janek schaefer

2002    fh aachen - lecturer sounddesign & applied music - 2007

2002    untitled #1, #2 - installation herwig weiser - sound & sound interface programming

2002    dü w/ jan st. werner - transformation 19 mal einfach hergestellter komplizierter musik

            in 6 mal  kompliziert hergestellte einfache musik - album

2001    viva plus tv - sounddesign

2001    sample minds cut/copy/paste - contribution - book & cd verlag walther könig

2000    tage für neue musik darmstadt w/ brüsselerplatz 10a musik

2000    stack - f.x.randomiz  - album

1999    zgodlocator - installation herwig weiser - sound & sound interface programming

            award: nam june paik award 2002

1999    lomographien w/ hannes galette seidl - ansbacher bachtage, philharmonie berlin

1998    fine was afpompen - holosud - album

1998    die verlassene ruhezone eines assistenzheiligen - installation herwig weiser -

            sound w/ jan st. werner

1997    goflex - f.x.randomiz - album

1996    media data overflow : the 5min bed - audiovisual installation

1996    holosud w/ schlammpeitziger - launch

1994    khm academy of media arts cologne - diploma 1998

1994    four square logos - ingwer / warmdesk - single

1992    vox tv - sounddesign

1992    gefriem - label w/ joseph suchy & jan st. werner - launch

1992    slow w/ jan st. werner - album

1991    tevfik yalvac va orchestra w/ joseph suchy, chris hänisch, igl schönwitz, jens kerkhoff

1990    musical science - university cologne

1988    four square logos w/ joseph suchy & jan st. werner - launch

1987    atari

1982    synthesizer

1976    piano


- music to technology, technology to music -

F.X.Randomiz has been an innovator in musical processes and techniques for more than 20 years now. This applies equally to compositional structures, as well as to sound and music technology. Right now he is involved in conceptualizing the next generation sounddesign and composition tool for the virtual reality, while he continues to release music with his latest duo project Fu Acune / Invert Sound Lab.

He holds a Diploma in Audiovisual Media and graduated with distinction from the prestigious Academy of Media Arts KHM Cologne.

As a composer, producer, and interpreter of experimental and pop music, applied music for film, TV and radioplays, contemporary music and acoustic art, F.X.Randomiz has been active in various fields and genres since the early 1990s, with studio productions as well as live on international stages.

As part of the much acclaimed Sound Of Cologne movement, from which styles such as "Glitch" and "Laptop music" emerged, he became known to an international audience being considered a protagonist for the fusion of experimental music with pop music, who breaks genre boundaries without taboos.

His laptop performance at SONAR 1999 (The Wire Magazine: "Laptop Dancer") is regarded as the initial spark for a generation of musicians. His name can be found in standard works on the electronic music scene such as the "All Music Guide to Electronica".

As a product designer and developer of innovative instruments, he regularily works for well-known music software companies, such as Native Instruments, designing the feature set and expertly crafting ​​workflow and user experience. Besides, he is doing sounddesign and creates patches which demonstrate the potential of the instrument when it is used to its fullest.

The close interlinking of technology with the process of creating music and organic sound is the focus of his work.

His programming of sound interfaces and the music design of installations is the subject of various collaboration projects, such as the interactive installation “zgodlocator” by the artist Herwig Weiser, which won the Nam June Paik Award, and received honorary mention at Prix Ars Electronica, among others.

Radio plays, for which he composed and produced the soundtrack together with his respective duo partners, won the most important German radio play awards, such as the Hörspielpreis der Kriegsblinden, the ARD Online Award and the German Radio Play Award.

From 2003 until 2014 F.X.Randomiz combined intensive musical and technical research with the production of regular shows that were broadcast on Germany’s largest national radio station WDR Westdeutscher Rundfunk.

The central subject of this artistic as well as scientific work was an analytical examination of the playing styles of outstanding personalities in music history or of entire genres and their peculiarities.

By transforming the existing material and integrating it with original compositions, using filter-, processing- and masking-techniques developed and refined by him over the years, virtual duets such as Björk with Billie Holiday were made possible, among other things. Remarkably, at that time neither AI nor any other software adequately allowed the separation of individual voices in a mix. Here the perfect ballance of compositional skills and technical proficiency led to the new.

Almost 70 radio shows of this type were produced - each like a 50-minute album in itself. While no explanatory words are used, the results speak for themselves through the editing and recomposition of musical fragments.

As a university lecturer and special advisor to established artists, he passes his knowledge on to the next generation and colleagues alike. Several times has he been invited to renowned universities to discuss a professorship.

He also regularly composes and produces Sound Art pieces for the highly regarded WDR3 Studio Akustische Kunst. 

Multi-channel surround sound installations and elaborate live performances involving large sound bodies such as a live conducted historical diesel locomotive are a result of this work. The latest work Atem.Puls (Breath and Pulsation) of his collaboration project Invert Sound Lab will be broadcast 1st quarter of 2022.

While the complexity of vertical sound layering was discussed in the press on the occasion of his solo debut album, his current collaboration with composer-performer and vocalist Natascha Nikeprelevic in the duo Fu Acune brings in minimalist elements of structural theater.  Praised by music journalists as the new avant-garde, any form of retromania is dispensed with and an attempt is made to find their own forms of expression with a unique selling point in the field of tension between new music and popular music.

The voice is deliberately not processed in this constellation.

They already committed themselves to this principle (together with Michael Vetter) when interpreting Karlheinz Stockhausen's cybernetic plus/minus score “Expo for 3”, composed in 1970.

For the Stockhausen Verlag, the work, which had previously been considered unplayable, was premiered in its entirety for the first time and recorded in the studio for CD in two versions.

Research off the beaten track characterizes F.X.Randomiz’s musical work as does his applied work in the field of product design in the conception of new software instruments and composition aids.

The technical side, however, never becomes an end in itself - it always accompanies the goal of telling stories with sound. Musicality comes first.

The development of processes, workflows and strategies for the realization of certain musical patterns is a central moment here. 

For example, he and Jan St. Werner (Mouse On Mars, Microstoria) came up with the CD-skipping technique for the first time on their album “Slow”, described in the international press as „an ourstanding pre-Oval example of capsized sampling virtuosity“. Later, F.X.Randomiz developed in software the "Petrarca Technique" from it. Similarly, he developed tools for instant minimal music or converting orchestral works into microtonal new compositions.

He is also co-founder of a music institute in the immediate vicinity of the sculpture park by the Swiss artist Daniel Spoerri in southern Tuscany.

The institute "Monastery of Music - International Performing Arts Space", which opened in summer 2018, with its 16 hectare property in a secluded location offers ideal conditions for various types of interdisciplinary art projects in the areas of sound installation, music recording, lecture performance, research, music theater, concerts etc.

Prizes and awards:

Nam June Paik Award 2002

Prix Ars Electronica (honorary mention) 2003

Hörspielpreis der Kriegsblinden 2005

Deutscher Hörspielpreis 2009

ARD Online Award 2009

Shortlist radio award Prix Italia 2014